A key feature of the Q Swim app, is the ability to quickly measure and compare swim screen photos with an “ideal example”. Coaches and athletes can identify particular restrictions out of the water, and correlate these with issues they are having in the water.

Coach and swimmer can then use this information to select an appropriate intervention that aims to improve this restriction. The success of the intervention can be reviewed using the same feature on the app. With improved position and awareness, the athlete’s body is optimised for training and competition, leading to improved performance and less injury.

Users of the app can create and download customised pre-swim warm-up routines that target the entire body across 4 different challenge levels. By introducing the relevant pre-swim routine, an athlete will develop improved body position and control on land and this will readily transfer into the water.

The app will also deliver the best and most up-to-date educational resources, covering topics like coaching, physiotherapy, physiology and skill acquisition.